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“God, we just thank you for Ron’s life,” went the prayer, as the group held hands with their heads bowed.

If you are surprised to hear there were prayers Saturday night for Ron Coursey, by all accounts the gunman in a Natomas murder suicide, you’re likely not as surprised as the people who knew him best when they heard the news.

“I saw him about 3 o’clock this morning. He seemed perfectly fine. We discussed going to a festival in Stockton… nothing out of the ordinary,” said friend Javonne Franklin.

Coursey had gone to the home on Jade Tree Circle that he once shared with his estranged wife Alyssa, the home where she, her two children, his adult son, and her mother still lived.

Friends say they can’t believe Coursey went there intending to kill, but there had been lots of arguments about money and those sometimes got heated.

“In my eyes, Ron is still Ron. It’s a sad loss. At the end of the day, two people are gone. Kids lost their parents,” said Judith Roa, manager at the Old Sacramento bar ‘Coconut Grove.’

Police say when the gunshots went off Saturday morning, the children were in the home.

In the basement of Coconut Grove, the saloon in Old Sacramento, they were still setting up for Citylights. That’s a church sponsored teen nightclub that was Ron Coursey’s idea.

“He came to us with the idea to have a positive place for youth to go on the weekends and we went with it,” said Joe Crenshaw of Citylights. “It is hard but we know that it is what Ron would want us to do just keep chugging along.”