Murder Suspect Speaks Out, Proposes to Girlfriend Behind Bars

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SACRAMENTO -- When images of chaos and caution tape began to fill the airwaves early on the morning of April 28, David Nguyen says he was shocked to learn of the violent killing of his longtime family friend Dong Le, Le's father Thanh and brother Tien.

That shock was amplified a thousand times when he became the fourth person picked up five days later in connection with the crime.

"It was like 4 a.m. I just woke up to being handcuffed on my bed with guns pointed at me," David Nguyen told FOX40 from the Sacramento County Jail.

When his arrest was first announced, investigators got his name wrong - calling him Daniel - and he says that's not all they got wrong. "I'm in here and I'm f---ing innocent."

When asked how he happened to be at the Le house before 7am on the 28th, Nguyen said he was never there.

"Why I'm sitting on the other end of this? Like, why would I hurt my friend, you know what I mean? That's my friend," Nguyen said.

Nguyen is the second man accused of shooting three members of the Le family to death.

From a jail visitation booth one floor below Nguyen, that other man, Elijah Johnson, told FOX40 that he didn't have anything to do with the crime, either.

Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies also arrested 18-year-old Amanda Tucker and a 17-year-old girl for robbery at the Le home the morning of the murders.

The only clarification Nguyen would provide about the accused foursome that he's apart of is that they're not friends. "I would just say I know them, and they know me. That's about it."

Deputies maintain that the murderous home invasion robbery at Dong Le's house was not a random act, and that the suspects were after something specific.

Nguyen says he only ever saw Dong drink, not get high, but that the robbery-turned murder "could have been drug-related." However, he gave no specifics as to why that may be the case.

This 24-year-old who stammers slightly and is covered in family name tattoos is convinced the rumor that he said landed him behind bars will evaporate, and he'll be able to start the life he's dreamed about. He's so convinced, that he's making grand plans for the future.

"Harley, would you marry me? I know you will cause you love me, and I love you. And it's the greatest thing ever. And I'm sorry I'm on the other side of this, but I know everything's gonna be alright and I love you."

Nguyen was due to be released from parole exactly one month from when he sat down with FOX40.

He acknowledges he made poor choices when he was 18 by committing some home burglaries, but he says he would never have committed this crime.

FOX40 has reached out to the surviving members of the Le family who were in the Dong's house on April 28th as well as friends now fundraising to help them cope with their loss.

No one has responded.


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