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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Greater Sacramento NAACP is calling for Sacramento City Unified School District to take action against the people who wrote racist messages at schools. 

Two recent incidents occurred at C.K. McClatchy High School and Abraham Lincoln Elementary. The NAACP is demanding the district investigate, identify, expel and arrest those responsible for what they are calling racial expressions committed against Black students and teachers. 

“We challenge the district to bring people in to support these kids and we want that done now,” said Lorreen Pryor, with the Black Youth Leadership Project. 

On Feb. 11, pictures were posted to social media showing two water fountains at McClatchy labeled by race. Then a few days later, swastikas and ‘KKK’ were tagged on the wall of a building at Abraham Lincoln Elementary. 

Over at West Campus High School, Dr. Elysse Versher, the vice principal, was the target of racist harassment. 

She said it’s more than just an isolated incident. 

“It’s a culture … of unsafe hostile working environments based on racial harassment. And we need to get down to the bottom of it because our children need us. They need the representation and they need to feel safe at school,” Versher said. 

Hear what students and community members had to say about the incidents

A district inclusion liaison said on Thursday they hear the community’s concerns. But the NAACP said things have gotten progressively worse and there has to be some accountability. 

“We are expecting the school to do something about it not just say, ‘We found them.’ We want some accountability because they won’t stop,” said Greater Sacramento NAACP President Betty Williams. 

The district said it has a confession from an African American female student.