Natomas apartment fire burns 4 units, displaces 12 people

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento Fire Department is investigating what led to a fire at a Natomas apartment building Sunday night that burned four units and displaced a dozen people.

Witness Chris Devisscher said he could see the fire from a few blocks away. As he got closer, Devisscher said he could feel it.

“I had my windows down and I could feel the heat from the U-turn lane all the way from over there three lanes over,” he said. “So, it was pretty bad.”

Investigators said the fire began in the kitchen of a first-floor unit. The man who lives in that unit was not cooking at the time, officials said.

The fire spread to three more units, prompting a response the Sacramento Fire Department doesn’t often use.

“They called it a term that I rarely hear, a ‘four-line fire,'” Sacramento Fire Captain Keith Wade said. “That told me right off the bat this is a big fire we need a lot of water and it’s all hands on deck at that point.”

Firefighters say each apartment had working smoke detectors and a functioning alarm system, so everyone was able to escape unharmed.

Wade said those fleeing left their doors open, which helped the fire spread.

“If you exit a building that has a fire, we always say to close the door behind you to limit that oxygen that goes in. You’re going to potentially save a lot of your own personal belongings if you take that one more split second to close the door,” Wade said.

Wade says the nearby Aftershock music festival did not impact response time.

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