NATOMAS, Calif. (KTXL) — A Natomas woman wants the community to remember her son for his accomplishments and impact as a Sacramento music legend in the making.

He was DJ Gio to the music world, and he was making his way across the country and the world. 

“I came upon my son’s body right there, where the flowers are. Those stains that you see there, that’s his blood running to the curb,” said Anita Razo. 

Razo said her son, Giovanni Pizano, was an inspiration. He was a 31-year-old doing exactly what he set out to do from the age of 11 when he asked for DJ lessons, which soon turned into $2,500 for DJ equipment.

“But son I said, I don’t have the money for that. He said, ‘But mom, you have credit cards right?’” Razo recalled. 

By the time he was 12, Pizano, who they called the young phenom, had paid his mother back every penny, DJing for house parties and school events. His family pitched in to upgrade his equipment. As a teen, he started creating his own events, and as an adult, he collaborated with other artists.

He’s worked with many famous celebrities. He’s done all kinds of shows, concerts in New York, Chicago. He’s been all over. He even has a following in Russia,” Razo said. 

Success brought him the means to help support his family, moving them into a Natomas neighborhood.

 “Thank God we’re home,” Pizano’s girlfriend recalled him saying when they arrived Sunday morning.

It was one of the last things Pizano said to his girlfriend, Elizabeth Sanchez, when they pulled onto Amelia Earhart Avenue that morning. She said they were exhausted but ecstatic after Pizano had a great performance earlier that night.

“He was like, ‘I killed it,’ and I’m like, ‘You always do, you always do,” Sanchez recalled.

She did not want to discuss the details of what happened, but after calling 911, she called his mother who ran down from her home to find her son bleeding in the street.

“I asked him, I told him, ‘Son, hang on, just hang on,” Razo said.

Pizano and another man died in the street. His mother said he was robbed. As heartbroken and outraged as they are, Pizano’s family does not want to focus on his killer.

It’s heartbreaking that someone that had envy, maybe, that didn’t want to work as hard as he did,” Razo said. “He had so much more life to him. He had other goals he wanted to accomplish, and now that’s all gone.”

The family wants to focus on what DJ Gio was able to accomplish to make sure his name and legacy live on. 

The family also said they have not created a GoFundMe page or any other fundraising campaigns, and they want to warn people to not donate to any that claim to be on his behalf.