Vet: A Pit Bull’s Aggression is Nurture, Not Nature

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Morgan is a Pit Bull mix who was rescued six years ago.

King’s dog is nice and full of energy, but not all Pit Bulls are Morgan.

A Pit Bull mix mauled and killed a woman Thursday in Stockton after the woman reportedly hopped the fence and went into the yard.

That dog, Russia, had a reputation in the neighborhood of terrorizing other people and dogs.

Veterinarian Wesley Jacobs says that behavior is learned.

“They respond to being conditioned to do things,” Jacobs told FOX40.

Morgan’s owner, Jason Painter, agrees.

“Any dog is going to be aggressive if they’re raised aggressive,” Painter said. “It’s terrible that now [Pit Bulls] have the reputation that they do.”

Painter notes that he’s been bitten by his neighbor’s Chihuahua more than any other dog.

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