Majority of military explosives found in Stockton home turn out to be replicas

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The Latest on Stockton home evacuations (Jan. 24, 3:25 p.m.): After military experts went to the home to investigate, it was determined the majority of the devices were replicas, according to Lt. Col. Glenn Cameron with Travis Air Force Base. 

Lt. Col. Cameron said they have been able to determine 71-year-old William White Jr., who died inside his home, was simply a collector of military memorabilia.

"The very vast majority were absolutely made to look like they were real," Lt. Col. Cameron explained. "There were one or two that had been inerted, which means, basically, they either had drilled out the primer or the cap or anything else and removed the powder on all of them. With a couple of the small fuses, they just  have a little bit of remnants of explosives in them.”

Cameron said some of the fuses and flares would not cause large explosions but could potentially burn a house down. However, he added they were considered relatively safe.

Travis Air Force Base personnel will continue to remove the items from the home before police do a final search and allow most of the 20 families to return to the neighborhood.

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See the previous story below:

STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) -- Residents have been evacuated from a Stockton neighborhood after officers found hundreds of possible ordnances in a home Thursday morning.

Around 9:10 a.m., officers and medics were called to a home on Rockford Avenue, near Richland Way, where Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva says a 70-year-old man had died of what appeared to be natural causes. Silva says people who knew the man found him and notified police.

While investigating the death, police say officers found the military explosives.

People inside the home and roughly 20 surrounding neighbors were immediately evacuated and the bomb squad was called out to the neighborhood, according to Officer Silva.

Silva says military personnel from Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield were also called out to help police determine what types of devices are in the home and if they are live.

"They just left about an hour ago just because of how many types of devices are still in the home, they had to go back and get additional personnel," Silva said Thursday night. "They'll be back here first thing in the morning so that they can try to figure out what these devices are and if any are live. And then try to determine how they're going to get them out of the house safely."

Base experts will return to the neighborhood Friday morning to continue trying to identify the ordnances.

Silva reports investigators do not know why the man had so many military explosives in his home.

As of 3:45 p.m., Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva says the bomb squad is expected to be at the home for at least eight more hours with several streets being closed:

2950 Hammer Lane to Richland Way
Rockford Avenue to Dorchester Way
Rockford Avenue to Stueben Way
Rockford Avenue to Richland way

An American Red Cross evacuation center was set up at the Arnold Rue Community Center on Lorraine Avenue.

Stockton police say investigators will be in the area all night into Friday and maybe even the weekend to monitor the home.

This story is developing.


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