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ANTELOPE, Calif. (KTXL) – Neighbors in Antelope are sharing what happened Monday night after a teenage boy was fatally shot, and now the victim’s family is searching for answers.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies found the 15-year-old victim with gunshot wounds to his upper body on Onawa Court near Brown Otter Drive.

Neighbors told FOX40 Tuesday they thought heard fireworks just after 9 p.m., but police later confirmed they were gunshots.

“Police came and there was crime tape and lights, and it was just a big ruckus,” recalled neighbor Sheri Lee.

Lee has lived in the neighborhood for five years and said she learned out about the shooting from a neighbor. She later discovered an officer came to her door through her Ring security camera. 

“I feel like I’m in shock because it’s … it’s unbelievable, nothing like that since I’ve been here,” Lee said. “It’s really quiet around here, no trouble, no drama, no nothing.”

Neighbor Andy Railsbeck told FOX40 he heard the gunshots and saw two white SUVs driving away and the victim’s body laying next to a neighbor’s car.

“We’re kind of a secluded neighborhood and for this to happen, it scared the heck out of me,” Railsbeck said. 

As FOX40 continued to talk to neighbors in the area, a man approached the reporter and said he was the victim’s uncle. He said the family was told Tuesday morning by family and friends what happened to his nephew, who he identified as Omarie Lowery.

“They said, ‘Oh, your nephew got murdered,’” recalled Leon Sheppard. “I said, ‘What do you mean murdered?’”

According to Sheppard, Lowery lived with his mother just down the street from where the shooting took place. 

“He just at home and plays video games like every other normal kid,” Sheppard said. 

Like many in the neighborhood, Sheppard said he wants more answers and justice for his nephew.

“I’m going to find out,” Sheppard said. “He’s only 15 years old and he don’t deserve to get gunned down and left in the street like a dog.”

Sheppard said that before he stopped to talk with FOX40, he and Lowery’s grandmother were on their way to identify his body.

Other than having a vehicle description, the sheriff’s office said they have very limited details about those involved in the shooting.