September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Neighbors Horrified after Puppy Found Shot, Beaten, Hanged from Tree

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SACRAMENTO — Neighbors along Riverside Boulevard south of Land Park were horrified when a 4-month-old puppy was found beaten, shot with a BB gun and hanging from a tree last week.

“It’s a horrific case. It’s probably the worst one I’ve seen since I’ve been here working for the city,” Chief Animal Control Officer Jase Huggins said.

Last Friday, a passerby made the gruesome walking along the bike path near Riverside and Rio Viale Court.

“From nose to tail, there wasn’t any part of this puppy — about a 4-month-old puppy — that didn’t have fractures somewhere on her body,” Huggins said.

Now, neighbors desperately want whoever is responsible to be brought to justice.

“I’m watching everything all the time when I’m down here cause you never know when they’re gonna come out,” neighbor Steven Beard said.

Investigators are relying on the public for help. The Front Street Animal Shelter reports the reward for information leading to the suspect or suspects increased from $12,000 to $15,400 as of Feb. 3 after private citizens offered their contributions.

“We have a really high concern when we see this amount of violence perpetrated against a defenseless animal like that,” Huggins said. “That that person is capable of committing violence against another person, another child and another animal.”

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