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A young woman, identified by a high school friend as Melissa, reportedly died at the hands of her live-in boyfriend Robert Enriquez, who is also the father of her baby boy.

Sacramento Sheriff’s detectives arrested Enriquez Monday night for murder and domestic violence.

“He used to threaten [Melissa] and the mom. I cannot believe that,” their visibly shaken mail carrier said, outside their south Sacramento home.

Neighbors painted a picture of an abusive and violent man, and a woman who tried but couldn’t break free from him.

“There were arguments constantly,” one neighbor said. “Sad she wasn’t able to get out.”

Investigators believe Enriquez is responsible for the burned body was found near Snodgrass Slough last Thursday.

Deputies went to Enriquez’s home on Sunday, when he reported his girlfriend left their home on Jan. 22 and he hadn’t seen her since.

A deputy noted the physical similarities between Melissa and the body found on the levee road, and contacted homicide detectives.

The body was so badly burned that detectives had asked for the public’s help, from a vintage diamond ring worn by the victim.

With several inconsistencies between the suspect’s statement and more similarities to the body, investigators were able to make the arrest late last night.