Neighbors Say Gig Cars Taking Up Limited Parking Spaces

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SACRAMENTO — You don’t have to travel far to spot a Gig Car in Sacramento.

The electric car sharing service owned by AAA has been in the city for a couple of months, but some midtown residents say there are too many of them.

“They’re everywhere, sometimes like three or four of them back to back,” Saroeum Roth, who lives in midtown, told FOX40.

Roth says he’s often parking several blocks away because the Gig Cars are filling up street parking in an area which already is very competitive.

“There’s a lot of events around here already, so those events take up a lot of spaces and the gig car no one is using it but it’s just sitting there,” he said.

In Land Park, where there are more spaces to park, the Gig Cars are causing another problem for neighbors like Tony Gomez — they’re not moving.

“My concern is if you’re not in the neighborhood and you don’t live in the area, why are you leaving it here?” Gomez said.

Last week, he had to call to report one across the street from his house.

“And I told them, ‘Hey this car has been here for three days. What’s going on?’ And they said, ‘Oh, we’ll get it out,’ and they got it out a couple of hours later.”

Gig Cars have permits to park in one place for up to 72 hours, according to Jennifer Venema, the sustainability manager for the city’s public works department.

But the city says residents can call 311 to have the gig cars moved whenever.

In the long run, the city believes the Gig Cars will actually free up more parking spots.

“These cars they’re turning over quickly rather than one person leaving a car all day there’s a car that can be parked in downtown ready and available for the next user,” Venema said. “On average each free-floating car share vehicle leads to a reduction of seven to 11 personally owned vehicles.”

Still, for now, neighbors we spoke with feel Gig drivers should find their own parking spots.

“Have designated parking for them, like how they got these bikes out here they got spot for,” Roth said. “If they had a spot for the car that would be cool too.”

The city says Gig is working to have their own designated spots.

But for now, they are paying the city to park on these streets.

Click here to visit the city’s page on car share services.

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