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Union Pacific is pointing to Monday night’s train derailment as a example of the ruggedness of the tanker cars moving over our rail system.

Toluene diisocyanate is poisonous but emergency responders report not a drop spilled when a tanker carrying it tipped over.

“I always thought it was dry products were in the trains,” neighbor Larisa Caileanu said. “I had no idea there was any substance that was dangerous.”

Caileanu and her family have lived near the Antelope railyard for years. She says it’s not a bad neighbor to have, once you get used to it.

“It helps me fall asleep. I’m used to it,” Caileanu said. “If it’s quiet, then that would be weird.”

But these rails have seen something they are not used to – a sharp increase in the amount of crude oil moving through the Sacramento valley on its way to refineries on the coast.

And there may be more to come. Valero has applied for an application to move two, 50-car oil trains a day through Sacramento.

“I wasn’t even aware of that,” Caileanu told FOX40. “I had no idea that was going on.”