Neighbors wake up to find car windows shattered along Elk Grove street

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ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) -- Several car windows were shattered along an Elk Grove street early Friday morning and neighbors said it was not the first time it has happened.

"It was crazy. Woke up to move cars like we do every morning,” said neighbor Heather Ferrell. “One leaves, the other comes in because we have college kids. And neighbors are walking with flashlights and literally we had one, two, three, four, five, six cars, all windows smashed out on this street."

People on Koster Way and Thaddeus Court usually describe the area as being quiet. But sometime between midnight and 5 a.m. Friday, somebody damaged several cars in their neighborhood.

"We do have a few reports of witnesses hearing glass shattering,” said Elk Grove Police Officer Jason Jimenez. “However, in terms of being able to see who was responsible for those, we have very, very limited info to go on."

“Actually, my sister lives across the street. She came to my door this morning about 6-ish and said, ‘Hey, your car windows got busted,’” said Elk Grove resident Stacey Slade.

A total of seven cars were targeted on two streets.

"One thing I do know in having worked graveyard for eight years is that vehicle burglary suspects, those burglars, they're quick,” Officer Jimenez told FOX40. “They can get in that car quick, they can rummage through our stuff quickly and get out."

"We had some nice stuff in the car. We had some nice polo jackets, some Rayban aviators and about $150 worth of gift cards," Slade said.

But items like that were, for the most part, left behind by the vandals, with items disappearing from only one car out of seven.

The theory in the neighborhood was that it was the work of kids looking for thrills.

"They had the little pick that like P.D. and firefighters use, the way they shattered. Because even one of the windows that's tinted, it only made a little hole," Ferrell explained.

Neighbors told FOX40 some residents’ surveillance cameras caught a few people running and then a white Mustang leaving the area. Investigators are still trying to locate all the available footage.

"Really? I work hard for my stuff. Why can't you just leave it alone?" Slade exclaimed.

Those who know anything that can help locate the car burglars should contact Elk Grove police.

Officers would also like to know if you have a surveillance system running at your home or business. There is a voluntary camera registration system that you can become a part of by visiting the police department's website.

Registering does not give the police automatic access to your video feed. Officers just want to track the locations of active systems so that when a crime does occur, they can find available surveillance video quicker and be more efficient in their neighborhood canvasses.


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