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NEVADA COUNTY — Nevada County Sheriff’s deputies kept watch over a remote location where possible human remains were recently discovered.

Investigators were at the scene off Spenceville Road near Beale Falls. The location is just northeast of Beale Air Force Base.

Around 430 miles away in Los Angeles, a heartbroken family prays there is no connection. As they wait for a positive identification a trusted source close to the investigation told FOX40 that the remains are possibly those of missing aspiring actress Adea Shabani. She was last seen in Hollywood a month ago.

The source said the Los Angeles Police Department has been in Sacramento for weeks investigating her disappearance. LAPD could not confirm that.

However, they did confirm Friday that 33-year-old Christopher Spotz, a man Shabani was romantically involved with, led police on a chase in Southern California and fatally shot himself.

Maksim Chasovski was visiting the shooting range right down the road from where the remains were found Monday. He said it can be crowded in the area during the day.

“There’s a lot of gunfire going on. Really loud,” he said.

He included if someone had been shot nearby people wouldn’t be able to tell one gunshot from another.

An expert out of Chico has been called to the scene to confirm the investigators’ find.

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