(KTXL) — The kind efforts of a Grass Valley man earned him recognition from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and the family of the woman he saved.

At around 11 p.m. on Saturday, Jason Hunter, 25, was driving along Allison Ranch Road in Grass Valley and saw a woman “in her 80s” walking in the roadway and was nearly hit by a passing vehicle.

Hunter pulled his truck over and learned that the woman was lost and had a phone number for one of her family members, but Hunter was unable to get an answer when he called.

The woman got into Hunter’s truck with his dog and they began driving through the surrounding area hoping that the woman would remember the area and where her house was.

With the woman still unable to remember where she lived, Hunter called the phone number again and was able to get in touch with the woman’s daughter.

When the daughter met up with Hunter to pick up her mother, he learned that the mother had sleepwalking episodes.

Appreciative of Hunter’s actions, the daughter contacted the sheriff’s office to share the story and how Hunter’s dog also helped comfort her mother during that time.

“Thank you, Jason, for stepping up and helping your fellow Nevada County neighbor,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a news release. “This situation could have been tragic if not for your intervention.”

In recognition of his efforts, the sheriff’s office presented hunter with a challenge coin.