(FOX40.COM) — Deputies in Nevada County are investigating a case of suspected animal cruelty after finding a pig that had been shot with an arrow.

On Wednesday, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said in a social media post that it had received several reports of the injured pig on Nov. 13 in Alta Sierra, about 55 miles northeast of Sacramento.

Callers who reported the injured pig said the arrow was still lodged in its hindleg.

On Nov. 14, deputies and a veterinarian were able to catch the pig with the use of tranquilizers.

The sheriff’s office shared an image of the moment the pig was captured, with two deputies using a catch pole.

The agency said that the pig had sustained extensive injuries and was “ultimately humanely euthanized.”

The sheriff’s office thanked the community of Alta Sierra for helping report the crime, and it asked anyone with information about the case to call Animal Control at 530-265-1471.