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DAVIS — Thursday night, at the Davis Joint Unified School Board meeting, there was a call for the current board members to rename North Davis Elementary School to Dr. Mary Ellen Dolcini Elementary.

“After my children graduated and she retired I began to know her as a human being and she is a phenomenal woman, an absolutely phenomenal woman,” said former board member Janice Bridge.

When Bridge talked about the legacy of Dr. Dolcini she described an education legend.

Dolcini served DJUSD from the 1950s until she retired in 1990. She spent her last in 10 years in education as a principal at North Davis Elementary.

“And in the 10 years there she developed a curriculum so solid and so well articulated that it’s still in place,” Bridge said.

Dr. Dolcini died in April of this year.

While all agreed that she deserves recognition, some were not interested in changing the school’s name because of the potential cost involved.

“The people that I’ve spoken to the most about it are really focused on resources,” said parent Jessica Gray.

Gray said if any of the money it would take to rename the school would otherwise be spent on students then it’s not worth it, regardless of how much a name change would cost.

At 11:30 p.m., the Davis Joint Unified School District board decided it will form a committee that will determine how to honor Dr. Dolcini.

The committee could decide to change North Davis elementary to honor the doctor or it could come up with another way to honor her, like naming a building or a field after her or having a day at the school in her honor.

The board expects the committee to come to some conclusion by the first board meeting in the month of February