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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento ACT, a coalition of faith-based groups, announced their Rapid Response Immigration hotline on Thursday.

Sacramento ACT says there is a lot of fear in immigrant communities leading to rumor about immigration enforcement raids.

The goal of the hotline, which is now live, is to investigate reports of ICE raids.

“It’s very simple, wherever ICE is, community will be there to document and witness,” said Gabby Trejo, associate director with Sacramento ACT.

If someone calls the hotline, a volunteer dispatcher will answer and dispatch a team of volunteer legal observers to investigate and document what happens.

“Their role in only to observe, not to interfere. They have been trained by lawyers about their rights and what are the consequences of interfering,” Trejo said.

FOX40 was told the hotline got its first call Thursday — a report of immigration enforcement at the Home Depot on Florin Road, where many people wait around hoping for day laborer work.

FOX40 went to check out the situation and found two legal observers from the press conference already there. They said it turned out to be a false alarm, but took the opportunity to spread the word about the hotline.

Organizers say it’s just as important to document the false alarms as any actual immigration raids.

“A simple miscommunication can create a panic, and our intention is to stop that,” Trejo said.

The hotline number is (916) 245-6773.