New UC Davis research facility studies thousands of bees

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — The United States Department of Agriculture opened a new research facility Monday at the University of California, Davis that observes thousands of bees.

Bees are an integral part of our daily lives, according to research entomologist Arathi Seshadri.

“If you just looked at what you ate for breakfast this morning, about three things on your plate were somehow impacted by bees,” Seshadri told FOX40. “So if you like your fruits and if you like your berries and if you like your nuts, those were bee-pollinated. You may not be a vegetarian and you may like your steak, just keep in mind that the foliage that the cows, the cattle was feeding on, alfalfa is also pollinated by bees.”

That’s why a new federally funded research facility is now officially open on the UC Davis campus.

Scientists will observe thousands of bees in different controlled environments to learn the best ways to keep their colonies healthy.

“This allows us to do a lot more controlled experiments in measuring what could be happening during the development of the workers in the colony,” said Seshadri.

Seshadri said their research will not just impact the bees but what they learn from this study will affect humans too.

“So bees somehow or the other impact everything that we are eating and that’s really something that brings it home to us because if the bees are healthy, we can remain healthy,” said Seshadri.

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