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New Year’s Eve – it’s a time of worldwide celebration, and a time when we recognize traditions.

My family being from the southeast, we always have a meal of Black-eyed Peas and Cabbage. The black-eyed peas are for luck, and the green cabbage represents money in the coming year.

Some cultures use fireworks and noisemakers to ward off evil spirits at the beginning of the New Year.

So, I went to the streets to find out what traditions you celebrate.

“It’s a big celebration, but it’s an excuse to party, so I think everyone goes with it.”

“We usually eat twelve grapes which reflects a grape per month. You are supposed to create a wish or, what are some of your plans for the year and each grape represents that. And then of course we make tamales and we get together and go to church the next day.”

“We wait till midnight and we drink champagne and ring in the New Year and then we go to bed

“I always try to make resolution to keep myself healthy”

And some people’s tradition is not\ really celebrating any tradition.

“I go to bed early and bring in the New Year that way.”

“Stay home. Stay home where it’s safe. Too many nuts out there.”

James Myers filed this report.