‘No ones laughing’: Family speaks out after daughter target of bullying

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Virtual learning has been a challenge for many families, but for one Sacramento mother, she says online bullying during class has gotten out of hand at her daughter’s elementary school. 

“She’s ready to get out of the house!” laughed Ayanna Atkins. “She loves school.”

Atkins says her daughter, Kelis Garcia, has been waiting for the day she can go back to school. She’s currently in sixth grade at Woodlake Elementary. 

“It’s been happening for almost, I want to say roughy a month,” Atkins said. 

School hasn’t been enjoyable for Garcia, and it only got worse this week. 

“The last incident was when the child told her to go kill herself,” Atkins said. 

Atkins took a screenshot during a Zoom class this week of who she believes is her daughter’s classmate. She later reported it to officials at Twin Rivers Unified School District. 

But she says little has been done. 

“The principal, however, I feel like is just telling me a line to just put me at peace while I’m on the phone,” Atkins said. 

On Friday morning, Atkins says it happened again when someone changed their username to insult her daughter again. 

“The teacher can see it. That’s my issue. Like, why cant we just moderate this?” Atkins said. 

A spokesperson for the district declined an on-camera interview and would not provide any specific details on how they plan to address the problem. They did, however, say that their police services and tech department are working with the family. 

While the experience hasn’t allowed Garcia to enjoy the sixth grade, she has a message to her bullies. 

“They should stop bothering me, and that I’m pretty and everyone else is pretty,” Garcia said. “It’s not cool to mess with people. It’s not funny. No one’s laughing.” 

After Friday morning’s incident, Atkin says she has removed her daughter from the classroom for the day and is considering removing her permanently if it continues. 

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