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ORANGEVALE, Calif. (KTXL) — A local nonprofit gifted a brand-new home to a retired Marine in Orangevale Saturday morning.

The nonprofit Home for our Troops built the house for retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Field who was diagnosed with ALS five years ago.

“Breathtaking. Amazing. I have so much gratitude and joy to be given the opportunity to live in this house,” Field told FOX40. 

From lowered windows and an extra-wide shower to ceiling tracking and specialty cabinets, the specialty home will help make life a bit easier for the former combat veteran.

“We built him this 2,800-square-foot specially-adapted custom home, here in Orangevale,” said Home for our Troops engagement coordinator Mell Barbosa.

The home was given free of charge.

Field’s home was the 41st gifted to California veterans. The nonprofit has built 328 homes for injured veterans across the country so far, since 2004.

“We rely primarily on private donations, grants,” Barbosa explained. “We have amazing corporate partners that put a lot of the products that you’ll see in the home.”

Donations for the homes also come in from the public.

“I would like to thank, all of them, from the bottom of my heart,” Field said.

Field served 22 years in the Marine Corps, during two conflicts, including Desert Storm. He has also been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadrons.

“He like so many of our veterans, has had to deal with life-long challenges, and trauma and injuries, stemming from his service,” said Assembly Member Kevin Kiley. “Service that keeps the rest of us safe and allows us to enjoy the blessings of liberty.”

In 2017, he was diagnosed with ALS that was determined to be service-related.

“I’m very proud to stand in front of you today, with all the gratitude in my heart for you coming here, for our son. And we’re so proud of him and we’re proud of everyone that is here,” said Sue Field, the retired Marine’s mother.

Field entered his new home and showed FOX40 some of the features he likes best.

“I can’t believe it. The thought that they put into it. This building is way above and beyond what I would’ve ever thought of,” Field said.

Among the most favorite parts of his new home is a large shower and a rail system above his head which will enable him to do things all on his own.

“I can spin around in my shower in this huge wheelchair,” Field said. “There is so much in this house that I’ve been breath taken, that they’ve been able to think about and design it. So, it is so much more enjoyable than I would’ve ever experienced without it.”