North Korea Ready to Launch Missiles on U.S.

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For weeks, North Korea has made threats against the U.S.; their latest is to point rockets at American targets, including bases in the south Pacific and South Korea.

The owner of the Iron Grill Korean BBQ in Roseville, Jong Kim, is not surprised by North Korea’s latest threat, but he is not worried.

“He doesn’t have the technology to aim at the U.S.,” said Jong Kim.

Leader Kim Jong-un launched the plan after the U.S. sent two stealth B-2 bombers on a training mission in South Korea, a decision the American government stood behind.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in South Korea to ensure that the interests of the United States and the allies of the United States remain protected,” said Josh Earnst, Deputy White House Press Secretary.

North Korea thinks those bombers are a threat because they could have nuclear weapons in them.

The U.S. says the mission is part of an annual training drill with the south.

“We have to take seriously every provocative, bellicose word and action that this new young leader has taken so far since he’s come into power,” said Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

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