SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As crews in Orange County battle the Coastal Fire, Metro Fire of Sacramento held training drills to prepare for the upcoming fire season.

“Each fire season seems to be getting— outdoing the fire season before it,” Battalion Chief Grant Russell said.

Russell said the Coastal Fire may be a preview of how summer may go.

“That’s an indicator of the fuel conditions and the continuing drought conditions that we’re seeing statewide,” Russell said.

Crews typically use smaller, easier-to-maneuver fire trucks for vegetation fires.

“These engines are capable of pumping and rolling. As they drive, they’re able to spray water so we can have firefighters outside with hose lines and nozzles suppressing the fire,” Russell said.

Metro Fire isn’t the only crew getting ready for the 2022 fire season.

While some CalFire crews helped with the fire in Orange County, crews up north are standing by.

“As we approach the summer, we have summer preparedness drills. We go through all the exercises that gets us prepared for wildland interface and then wildland fire,” CalFire Battalion Chief Jon Heggie said.

Firefighters are urging the public to prepare while it’s still a little cool to reduce the possibility of fires starting around their home.