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FOLSOM, Calif. (KTXL) — Northern California residents had to deal with wind and rain again Wednesday after a stormy beginning to the week. 

At the Palladio Shopping Center in Folsom, holiday shopper Noki Ellison is on a mission. 

“I got to get in and get out fast,” Ellison told FOX40. 

A wet Wednesday night does not mean Christmas will wait, so while being all bundled up, she has to be quick. 

“Because it’s the countdown, and they’re going to be out of stuff,” Ellison explained. “I hate being cold, so I have my scarf. I have my hat, layers under here.” 

Further west off Highway 50, the wind is causing issues. 

Lee Frechette won’t get to see the smiling faces of young ones at the Cordova Community Council Foundation’s Holiday Lights Display. For the second night this week, high winds kept the display closed. 

It’s a big fundraiser for the foundation. 

“Making sure that all of our nonprofits in the community have a solid foundation,” Frechette said. 

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to drive through the display. Last year, 6,000 cars passed through for the 10-day event, which started because of the pandemic.