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MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Mariposa County residents affected by the Oak Fire have been evacuated since Friday, are waiting to go back home.

For many, the rising plume of smoke is a reminder of the blaze that is threatening thousands of homes.

Richard Blakemore is an evacuee who is parked along a street in Mariposa with his dog Bernie since the two cannot stay in the shelter together.

“I thought about before, what do I pack, what do I take, when the time comes, everything goes out your head,” said Blakemore. “Am I taking this for a couple of night of evacuations or am I taking this because I am expecting my house to burn down.”

The Red Cross is providing meals, a place for pets to stay separately, and a safe place at the Mariposa Elementary School on Jones Street.

Martin Gaut, another evacuee, is appreciative of the help people are getting but has a lot on his mind presumably similar to other people affected by the Oak Fire.

“Worrying about if we are going to start from scratch again,” said Gaut. “At least we are alive and out safe.”