Oak Park, Curtis Park see more traffic due to Highway 99 closure

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — With Highway 99 closed through Wednesday, traffic has been backing up on surface streets around Oak Park and Curtis Park.

Franklin Boulevard has been a constant line of cars stopping and going in both directions for most of Monday.

“This is not normal,” said Curtis Park resident Jimmy.

Drivers told FOX40 the traffic has “been crazy.”

But the traffic did not stop Jessica Cuckovich and her 2-year-old daughter, Francis, from getting a sandwich at Gunther’s Ice Cream.

“No, it’s not unmanageable,” Cuckovich explained. “We actually just came from Broadway from a bookstore there and it was OK getting back.”

The ice cream shop and Pangaea Bier Cafe across the street both said the constant traffic really hasn’t impacted their business much.

Cuckovich, who lives just down the street, admitted the flow of traffic is not as bad as she had first imagined.

“We were a little bit worried about it, yeah, because we travel this street, in particular, a lot,” she said. “And it’s not terrible, it’s really just around this strip right here.”

As the surface streets started to back up Monday, Caltrans said the city of Sacramento requested a temporary opening of the northbound on-ramp at 12th Avenue, both to alleviate traffic and allow for first responders to access calls. Still, the agency said openings like that are only temporary.

Most drivers FOX40 spoke with said they were sticking with the other north-south freeway.

“I feel like the traffic has gone over to I-5,” said Curtis Park resident Cheyenne. “Yeah, it’s pretty packed.”

Many people said the pandemic has helped keep traffic more manageable, as many state workers continue to work from home. Most said if Caltrans had done this before people were staying home, it could have been much worse.

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