Oakland Police End Pursuit of Stolen Emergency Response Vehicle in Vacaville

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VACAVILLE – A stolen emergency response vehicle from Oakland caused a bizarre scene in front of a Vacaville restaurant just before noon on Saturday.

One woman says she followed the stolen truck and alerted drivers along Interstate 80 to get out of the way.

“They’re doing a traffic stop… ‘stay away,’ they said, ‘stay away,’” Melissa Garcia explained.

Garcia and her family were driving along the freeway in Vacaville when they spotted police following a fire truck going eastbound near Bella Vista Road.

“Sure enough, about a minute or two later, he came speeding, into the lane that we were in,” Garcia said.

At the time, the family and other drivers had no idea the truck was reported stolen from an Oakland fire department.

Vacaville police say they were notified about the situation as CHP and Oakland police were in pursuit of the vehicle.

Officials say a 31-year-old man was driving.

In the video footage taken by Garcia, you can see the suspect hitting a spike strip before getting off the freeway at the Orange Drive exit and crashing into the back of a parked car at the Black Oak restaurant.

Oakland police were able to take the suspect into custody after the one-hour chase.

But now, drivers like Garcia say they’re keeping their eyes open for anything out of the ordinary on the road.

“Definitely kind of made us more aware of our surroundings,” she said.

The stolen truck was returned to the Oakland fire department.

Police say no one was injured.


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