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Frank Ogawa Plaza looks a lot different than what the world saw two years ago. In that time some say the Occupy message has gotten muddled.

But for one Stockton family, the issue of police accountability is quite clear.

Two years after Occupy Oakland’s contentious eviction from Frank Ogawa Plaza more voices of protest mark the anniversary–but they’re not nearly as loud or as numerous as in days past.

Most of these folks in front of the Marriott City Center, anarchists–not Occupy.

“Rather than bossing people around and shunting people around and making things more militaristic we need to develop more of a sense of people belonging,” said Marsha Feinland of Berkeley.

Still, that message uniting demonstrators as they expressed their frustration about the national Urban Shield tactical training conference being hosted by the Marriott.

“We need to stand up and take notice that so much money is going into weaponizing and scaring people,” Renee Davis of San Francisco said.

In the crowd marching through Oakland streets and rallying in Frank Ogawa Plaza, Stockton parents insistent about police showing more restraint with whatever weapon they use against an unarmed public.

“This is my son, James Earl Rivera Junior, shot on July 22, 2010 by two different agencies,” said Carey Downs of Stockton.

They claim their suit against Stockton seeking answers for their son is tied up in the city’s bankruptcy.