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FOLSOM — Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Jaie Sacco was off duty a few hours before the start of his shift Sunday morning when a red Mazda drove past him on East Natoma Street in Folsom.

He said the car got around a hundred yards in front of him when it suddenly veered to the right, overcorrecting and losing control before hydroplaning into oncoming traffic.

An SUV then T-boned the Mazda.

“The Mazda was pretty crumpled up,” Sacco told FOX40.

Deputy Sacco pulled over and ran to the car.

“I was able to pry the driver’s side door open,” Sacco said. “Peeked inside, thinking someone was going to be in there. And I looked around, there was no one in there.”

Sacco looked around the crash scene then saw a woman lying on the ground.

“She was in really, really bad shape,” Sacco recalled.

He felt her carotid artery but there was no pulse.

Just as he began CPR, off-duty Elk Grove police Officer Jennifer McCue ran up.

“I just knew I needed to go help,” McCue said.

McCue was with her two daughters and had to find a safe spot to park.

Sacco and McCue identified themselves to each other as off-duty officers then Sacco said they “got to work.”

“She was very helpful and just stabilizing her for me as I did CPR,” he said. “I remember talking to her and saying, ‘This is bad. I don’t know if she’s gonna make it.’ But we just kept going.”

“Hope and praying, and we all worked together as a team, that she pulled through,” McCue said.

After four to five minutes of nonstop CPR McCue said they got a pulse.

“So we were like, ‘This is amazing,'” McCue said. “And we just kept telling her to hold on, help was on its way, don’t give up.”

The woman survived and on Tuesday was recovering in the hospital.

With six years under Sacco’s belt as a deputy and 20 years on the job for McCue, they both said helping save the woman’s life was definitely a high point in their careers.

“These are opportunities for us to help,” Sacco said. “And maybe we were supposed to be there, I don’t know.”

“Together we helped save her and I’m very proud of us,” McCue said.