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Less than two weeks before Christmas, many of us are grateful to have a warm home to celebrate with our families inside. But not everyone is so lucky, and over the weekend two Sacramento Police officers gave a family a special Christmas gift.

Friday night, two officers saw a family walking downtown. It was close to midnight.

The officers pulled up to the family of five and started talking to them. Robbie, Ivory, their two sons ages 4 and 5 and 2-year-old Riley didn’t have a place to stay.

They had been living with family in Sacramento, but they say they overstayed their welcome.

The officers invited the Robinson family to climb inside their patrol car, and took them to a nearby motel.

The officers were able to help get them off the street, thanks to a program through the Sacramento Police Department called “Sacramento Police Cares”, funded by donations.

“I’m just thankful they pulled up on us, they saved us,” Robbie said.

The family doesn’t have a permanent place to live yet, but they are off the street thanks to two officers who went beyond their badge.

Anyone would like to donate to the Sacramento Police Cares program, click here and make sure to put “Sacramento Police Cares” in the comments section of the donation.

Amy Henderson filed this report