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FAIR OAKS — On the first day of summer, a day with high temperatures in the mid-90s, dozens of volunteers were working on Glen and Joanne Claghorn’s roof.

Joanne filed out an application with Habitat for Humanity, who partnered with Give Back Homes to find a local business to come out and repair a dilapidated roof.

Referral Exchange, a firm that provides real estate referrals around the country, agreed to help out.

“Words can’t express the appreciation and wonderful souls these people have,” Joanne said.

Phil Schweiger and his Referral Exchange coworkers are taking the next four days to make repairs.

“We got a great crew,” Schweiger said. “This is awesome and we are good to go.”

When Schweiger heard Glenn was a Vietnam veteran, he was excited to give back.

“Any time I can help somebody who has helped our country like that, it’s a pleasure,” he told FOX40.

Glenn served in the Navy. When he returned to the U.S., he and Joanne got married and moved into their Fair Oaks home nearly 40 years ago.

For the Claghorns, the rebuild means so much more than just fixing a roof. The home has been in their family for five generations.

“We had Easter egg hunts, we had square dancing here, we had Christmas pageants in the house next door,” Joanne said. “So I lived here all my life.”

Joanne said she wanted to keep the home, but after several ailments and surgeries, it was tough for them to do their own repairs.

“We felt kind of helpless, you know. What are we supposed to do?” she said.

Glenn said they didn’t expect the kind of response they got on Thursday. But what they can expect now is a new roof and a safer home.

“For us, to be able to help somebody stay in that home that they lived in and built their dream in, it’s really exciting,” Referral Exchange volunteer Katarina Gomez said.