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SACRAMENTO — Danine Hirness is an English lit major, and after hearing about an estate sale on G Street in Sacrament that features more than 3,000 books — many of them first edition — she had to make the trip.

“I was looking to add something to my collection, and I was extremely lucky,” Hirness said.

She walked away with a first edition of “Peter and Wendy,” the original Peter Pan. The price tag — $200.

However, that wasn’t the highest priced item.

“We are all salivating over that Salvador Dali book,” Hirness said. She said it was worth it to come visit it.

It’s a volume of “Alice in Wonderland” books illustrated by Salvador Dali going for $10,000.

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This one-of-a-kind estate sale is at the home of Pat and Walter Rice, Sacramento historians and collectors who passed away.

Their collections were truly unlike any other.

From movie posters and original Gibson guitars to signed copies of Maya Angelou books and a vintage 1920s styrofoam Pabst Blue Ribbon boxer.

“Canvas binding, that’s very rare. When you see binding like that you know it’s an authentic first edition,” David Proctor said.

FOX40 didn’t know what to expect when we came to the estate sale but they did say there is something for everyone. Anyone interested in attending the estate sale can just show up to the home on G Street from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Sunday.