Ongoing rain brings challenges for drivers, unhoused people

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Drivers began Friday morning dealing with wet roads and windshields.

After sunrise, steady precipitation led to pools of standing water nearly up to the curb on some East Sacramento streets.

Experts say if you’re driving through the rain you should make sure to keep it slow, have your headlights on, and — if you’re driving through still water — be extra vigilant because even one-tenth of an inch is enough to make your car hydroplane.

While the rain made for wet tracks along the Sacramento light rail line, the trains were not impacted and some commuters were happy to see the skies open up.

“I love the rain and we need it. It could rain every day. I like it,” commuter Mark Helver told FOX40.

But for others like David Gomes, who is unhoused, the wet weather brings challenges.

“I became homeless a little over a year ago,” Gomes said. “This is my first true winter coming up. I’ve never seen this like this at all. Nobody has any kind of raingear. We all just have regular clothes, so it’s going to be trouble.”

Still, Gomes said he is grateful the drought-ridden state is getting some help from mother nature.

“We really need this rain at this time,” he said. “I don’t care if I get wet or not. It brings us water. Come on, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming.”

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