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Those bright orange bikes you may have seen padlocked to a pole is a marketing strategy.

The Orange Theory fitness chain is set to open a new location in Natomas, and has one of those bikes locked to a pole on Arena Boulevard.

The bikes have seen their share of controversy. They were parked around Roseville for a month before the city stepped in.

“At some point in time, they had finally received enough complaints in the community to where we had to take them down,” Heather Story, with Orange Theory, told FOX40.

Some would call them an eyesore or even a safety hazard, but can you call them an advertisement? The City of Sacramento says they’re uncertain, but haven’t had any formal complaints yet.

“My concern is what happens when the next person has that same or similar idea?” Craig Logan asked. “What else would be chained to something for advertisement sake?”

Others disagree.

“Lighten  up. That’s what I think. Lighten up,” Vanessa Lyndsay said. “Right and where’s our freedom of speech come in, right?”

The chain plans to use the bikes for the next month to promote the new Natomas location. They say they expect some complaints, and more business.