Organization Helps Elderly Citizens Beat the Heat

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The heat is hard for anyone to deal with, but when you reach a certain age, it becomes more than just an inconvenience — it can also be deadly.

The Sacramento Fire Department is on high alert on days with extremely hot temperatures because the elderly population is an at-risk group.

As you get older, it becomes more difficult for your body to regulate heat and taking certain medications, like some for high blood pressure and diuretics, can make it even harder, according to Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

While the dangers are out there, Meals on Wheels is trying to help older people get through these days. Not only do they drop off food, but they also do welfare checks to make sure houses are properly air-conditioned and the customers are staying hydrated.

“We want to look to see the temperature of their living establishment and remind them to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water,” Social Service Manager Lenise Curtis said.

Louise Nova has been part of the Meals on Wheels program for a while and said: “It makes me feel really good, people watching out for me.”

Curtis said if they go into a home that they feel is dangerous, they can call an emergency contact and alert them to the situation. If the customer doesn’t have support, it will be reported to Adult Protective Services.

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