Ose Lead over Bera Shrinks to 530 Votes as Count Continues

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The Sacramento County Registrar of Voters released its updated vote count at around 3:15 p.m. Monday.

New numbers show former Congressman Doug Ose leads 76,133 to incumbent Dr. Ami Bera’s 75,603 for the US Congressional District 7 seat.

Ose leads Bera by 530 votes.

However, the margin has dramatically decreased since the last update.

With such close numbers, many are wondering about a possible recount for the race. Both sides have had members at the County Registrar’s office since Election Day, monitoring the ballot inspectors, to make sure every vote counts.

Assistant Registrar Alice Jarboe said recounts are very rare in the county. However, they do happen. After the registrar declared the final numbers, anyone looking for a recount may submit a request within five days.

The up front cost is $125 daily per board member. Four members are required in a board. Then a $175 supervisor fee is added. That makes the basic process at least $675 dollars per day. The requester can also ask to double check the challenge envelopes (mail-in and provisional ballots), look at roster books, even watch surveillance tapes for any of the election buildings. The idea is to keep the process as transparent as possible.

“They can even inspect the security cameras in our facility,” Jarboe said. “They can request to see all the precinct scanners and video tapes and all of the PCM data cards from all of those machines.”

The last time the County did a recount was in 2012 for the Rancho Cordova City Council election, where only three votes separated the two candidates.

Ose’s office said they are holding off on commenting on a possible recount. Dr. Bera visited the Registrar’s office Monday afternoon.

“I’m going to let the Registrar do her job and have them count every legal vote and see how it goes,” Bera said.

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