Out of state firefighters help local crews battle Creek Fire

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SHAVER LAKE, Calif. (KTXL) — The battle against the Creek Fire continues around Shaver Lake in Fresno County.

Fire crews are doing all they can using hoses and chainsaws to protect homes on the ground.

But the steep, dry terrain means that much of the fire is being fought from the air.

“Well, it’s pretty steep. It’s pretty hard to send people up there, as you can see. The helicopters are up there today,” said Alan Barbian of the U.S. Forest Service

Barbian is with the Forest Service out of Wisconsin and is just one of many mutual aid assets helping Cal Fire and other local agencies, some traveling as far away as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“There’s a whole Marriott of local state, county folks that are here on the fire,” Barbian said.

But with so many fires burning across California and the entire west coast, there’s simply not enough help to go around.

“It’s hard to get people right now. There’s so much going on right now that we’re really scraping. Everybody wants somebody and you’re just not going to get everything that you need so we make do with what we have,” Barbian explained.

Dozens of homes and vehicles off Highway 168 have melted together. Many of those evacuated from this area will be returning home to nothing.

But firefighters said they hope to save what is still left standing.

“We got crews up on the fire and they are certainly doing their hardest to protect these communities and get this fire out,” Barbian said.

Most of Shaver Lake has been evacuated and so far the area has not been touched by the fire.

However, the fire is burning just west of the town and the winds could change everything.

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