Outdoor stage lights stolen from Roseville restaurant

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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — A Roseville restaurant is offering a reward to have its stolen lights returned.

The Brickyard Kitchen & Bar in Roseville also warned other restaurants to be careful with what they leave outside during the pandemic.

“It was a little depressing to come in Monday morning and find out someone had vandalized our outdoor dining area,” said Brickyard Kitchen & Bar owner Brian O’Neill.

O’Neill said running a business during this pandemic is already extremely difficult.

“As if closing our business, reopening for to-go, closing down, opening back up for half time then being forced outside wasn’t enough, now people are stealing from us,” O’Neill told FOX40.

The stolen items were concert stage lights the restaurant had above one of their outside tents, which are used for live performances.

“Someone came out, grabbed a chair, had some cutters with them. Cut all the wires, cut the electrical, took the lights,” O’Neill explained. “Looks like they tried to steal some of our tables as well. We found those down the sidewalk.”

He posted a video to Facebook hoping to prevent the thief or thieves from selling them.

“If you see them on eBay or Craigslist or you’re cruising a pawn shop, because someone is going to sell them and try to get a few bucks for them probably in a pawn shop or something,” he said.

He’s offering a reward to anyone who might help get those lights returned.

“I’m offering a $500 reward if anyone knows or finds out who that (expletive) is that decided to steal our stage lights,” O’Neill said. “Let’s find them, help me!”

Other restaurants in the area said they are going to be keeping a close eye on their outside seating as well.


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