Overnight Fire Engulfs 14 Boats on Walnut Grove Marina

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It is reported 14 boats were damaged in an overnight fire at the Walnut Grove Marina.

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An overnight fire took over the Walnut Grove Marina in Sacramento County Monday.

It is reported 14 boats were damaged, with several of them being houseboats.

Those who live on the houseboats are reportedly safe.

Firefighters said they’re not sure how the fire started, but it spread fairly quickly.

In order to prevent the flames from creating a ‘domino effect’ on the dock, crews started untying the boats and floated them out to the river.

According to Paul Zenaher from Cosumnes Fire, the flames were contained and did not spread out to the water.

Firefighters used several different methods in putting out the flames on the boats, such as drafting water straight out of the river, and using floating water pumps.

After hours of hard effort, firefighters were able to completely put out the flames.

According to officials,  they are dealing with debris from the fire.

It is reported boat fuel is in the river, and agencies such as the Coast Guard, Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Office of Emergency Services have all been contacted to make sure the area is safe.

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