Photos: Overturned semitruck blocks all northbound I-5 lanes at Yolo Bypass

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YOLO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — A major big rig crash Monday led to a complete closure of northbound  Interstate 5 at the Yolo Bypass during the heart of the morning commute. 

Scattered debris and an overturned big rig partially hanging over the bridge were the results of a crash that involved a smaller pickup truck.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed that the driver of the big rig and the pickup truck walked away uninjured.

“The ambulance drivers, fire department showed up on scene to check them out and they checked out just fine,” said CHP Officer Chris Nelson.

After the big rig toppled over, several of the packages it was carrying went over the edge, dropping 60 feet below. The blue-greenish debris that spilled on the roadway during the crash was a specialized product designed to control erosion and create vegetation on hillsides with steep slopes.

Tens of thousands of commuters were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic as the CHP diverted all vehicles off the freeway at Old River Road. Some trucks near the accident site had to back up in the opposite direction just to get off the highway.

“I just called my boss saying I was going to be late, thinking it would be just a few minutes, but now here we are,” commuter Monica told FOX40.

While the cause is under investigation, CHP told FOX40 that the crash took place during the pre-dawn hours when there was low visibility due to thick fog in the area.

“It’s crazy,” said another commuter who hopes fellow drivers use the crash as a reminder to take it easy on the road. “People drive too fast, way too fast. People need to slow down and pay attention.”

All the debris was eventually cleared from the highway and the northbound lanes were reopened around 1:20 p.m.

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