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LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — The Animal Friends Connection Humane Society in Lodi is pleading with the public to stop leaving kittens at their doorstep as they are at capacity.

Patricia Sherman has been caring for animals for more than 30 years, and she is the president and co-founder of the AFC.

“I wish they each had a home with somebody — a lap to sit on all the time,” Sherman told FOX40. “It’s just the fact that we’re saving lives, their beautiful little lives.”

Sherman said the illegal dumping of animals has long been a problem, but it reached an all-time high in the past year. 

“They’ve left them on this backdoor, they’ve left them in our driveway,” Sherman said. “They leave them at the bottom of the walkway.” 

A sign outside warns people it is illegal to dump animals there, but the shelter said 10 new kittens have been dumped there in just the last week. 

“We’ve had over 90 cats and kittens dumped on us this year,” Sherman said. 

She said she believes people are leaving the animals at AFC because they are a no-kill shelter. But since they are at capacity, Sherman said they will have to start turning them over to city shelters — and some of those do euthanize.

“Please don’t continue to dump these animals, these beautiful animals on us,” Sherman pleaded. “We just can not afford to care for him anymore. I mean, we don’t have the resources.” 

Besides space, Sherman said it takes time and money — which they don’t have — to care for them. Donations are down 50% to 70%. 

“We need money to help care for all the cats and kittens that had been dumped on us this year,” Sherman said. “We are running out of funds, we don’t have any. We have no source of income without donations.” 

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