Owners Wake Up to Their Vandalized Cars in Land Park

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SACRAMENTO — Almost a dozen people living in one Land Park neighborhood woke up to keyed cars.

It happened to neighbors living along West Land Park Drive overnight.

“I think what you can see is the scratch starts back here towards the end of the door,” said John Puente.

Puente owns a red Mercedes SUV. He parks it in the same spot in front of his home every night.

But Friday morning, he noticed a key mark all along the driver’s side of his car.

“Then it just gets deeper and deeper as it goes across,” he said.

Puente says he immediately started walking down the street to see if it happened to any of his neighbor’s cars.

“Right behind our car was our oldest son’s car and his car is black, I noticed the same thing,” Puente said.

He says up to eight of his neighbor’s cars – were also vandalized.

“Really got down to the metal there,” said Patrick Dosier.

Dosier’s work truck was keyed. He spent the day checking surveillance cameras in front of his home.

“When you live along the park you have foot traffic, but this is the first time we’ve had vandalism,” he said.

While Puente says he did file a police report, he’s hoping others report any signs of vandalism.

“It’s absolutely key to file a police report because it’s the only way for the police department to track what’s happening in the neighborhood,” Puente said.

Puente is asking anyone living on the street who noticed anything suspicious to check their surveillance cameras from overnight.


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