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MODESTO — A pallet yard went up in flames in Modesto Saturday night, later jumping the fence and affecting four near by businesses.

Fifty thousand wood pallets were burning at Pedro’s Pallets, according to Ceres Fire Battalion Chief Richard Scola. The flames spread to a car lot where 30 vehicles were damaged, a tire repair store where 150 tires caught on fire, a donut shop that just suffered smoke damage and motel storage building that’s completely destroyed.

Propane explosions in the pallet yard on Ninth Street in Modesto sent fire balls 100 feet in the air. Fire crews were still putting out hotspots Sunday afternoon. Seven vehicles at Pedro’s were ruined including fork lifts and semi trucks.

The flames even took down power lines knocking out electricity and cable and phone services in South Modesto.

The owner of Pedro’s Pallets tells FOX40 he has to clean up the mess the fire left behind before he figures out what’s next for his business. The manager of the Arrow Inn, however, said he won’t rebuild his destroyed storage building.

The good news, Scola told FOX40, is no one was hurt in the fire that also caused small explosions. The cause of this fire is under investigation.