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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Video of a high school fight is causing controversy online as it appears to show the assistant principal — who is also Stockton’s vice mayor — hit a student while breaking up a fight. 

The video shared to a Stockton Facebook page shows Assistant Principal Christina Fugazi rush to stop a fight at Edison High School Tuesday afternoon. 

“Should be resigned or get fired for slapping a kid,” said one parent. 

The parent of a student involved in the fight spoke to FOX40 but wished to remain anonymous. 

“She shouldn’t have got in between a fight of two boys. Two girls, maybe, but two boys, if you can’t handle them and keep them separated, you should not have got involved. She shouldn’t have gotten involved in it,” the parent said. 

Cell phone video from another angle shows Fugazi run to stop two students from fighting. 

“She said she just could not stand there and watch these students fight. She didn’t want students to get hurt and that’s why she intervened,” said Stockton Unified School District spokeswoman Melinda Meza. 

Meza said as Fugazi was holding one student when the other student swung his fist near her head, hitting the student she was restraining. 

“She says she put her hand up like, ‘Go away. Stop.’ And that she did make contact with that student,” Meza said. 

According to the district’s policy, ”an employee may use reasonable force when necessary to protect himself/herself from attack, to protect another person or property, to quell a disturbance threatening physical injury to others.”

But the parent said there are other ways to stop a fight. 

“Another video showing to where two liaison aides, one grabs my kid and one grabs the other kid, and walk them away in opposite directions. I mean, basically, that’s what you’re supposed to do,” the parent said. 

The SUSD Department of Public Safety investigated the incident and cleared Fugazi of any wrongdoing. 

“They found that she was reasonable in defense and to try to break up the fight,” Meza said. “In fact, they say that she risked her own self and was injured to try to prevent injuries of other students.”

But the parent said there was nothing reasonable about her actions. 

“The boys shouldn’t have been fighting. I don’t know what was said when my son went over and hit the other kid, but she should not have swung at a kid,” the parent said. “It doesn’t look like she was trying to shoo him away or blocked something or defending herself. No, she literally swung to try to slap him because she went directly for his face.”

The school district said there were multiple fights happening simultaneously and the school’s principal was also injured trying to break up a separate incident.