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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A few schools in the region were forced to address potential shooting threats at their schools Wednesday. 

A threatening social media post led to a law enforcement response at Jesuit High School. At River City High School in West Sacramento, a lockdown was implemented after a shooting threat. 

So far, the threats have been unsubstantiated. 

“I saw parents posting about what was happening at the high school,” said Britt McFadden, an RCHS parent. 

McFadden found out something was happening through social media. 

“Someone had posted a screenshot of the principal message to the teachers, telling them to basically lock the doors,” McFadden said. 

The school district said the incident started with an anonymous call. 

“Very vague in nature from what I understand, alleging there would be some sort of shooting threat,” said Giorgos Kazanis, with the WUSD. “It was shorter than a sentence. It wasn’t any specifics given.”

This happened around the time students were supposed to get out of school, 1 p.m.

West Sacramento police said they have yet to find the threat to be credible. 

“The only thing that I saw that maybe misinformation was that there was an active shooter on campus and that is definitely not true,” Kazanis said. 

In Carmichael, officers were called to Jesuit High School Wednesday morning. Families were alerted of a photo on Snapchat, mentioning an alleged shooting planned at a school with the letters “JHS.” 

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation and the school stayed open for the day. A spokesperson for Jesuit told FOX40 similar threats affected other schools across the country. 

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI notified the sheriff’s office after an arrest at Jupiter High School in Florida. The student arrested claimed he made the threatening post as a joke. 

“These kinds of situations are very stressful, and it causes a lot of panic,” Kazanis said. 

McFadden was able to text his daughter to make sure she was doing OK. 

“It made me feel better,” McFadden said. 

But he and others hope they don’t have to deal with situations like these again. 

“Not being able to do anything to protect them or keep them safe,” McFadden said. 

Law enforcement are asking everyone to be alert and speak up if they see something suspicious in person or on social media.