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Parents protested Child Protective Services Friday outside of the Sacramento Family Courthouse.

“We want to see change” parent Scott Walker told FOX40.

Another parent added, “We want third party oversight. We want the government to start auditing the cases.”

Legislation currently making its way through the state capitol, AB 336, introduced by Republican assemblymember Marie Waldron, would allow parents to record their interactions with cps social workers.

“It’s almost easier for a social worker to try to get the case through to adoptions, rather than [working] to give them services” Denise Henderson told FOX40.

Sacramento civil rights attorney and former CPS employee Denise Henderson, who has represented hundreds of children and families in the legal system, says she has noticed patterns with CPS, like children being placed out of the county and foster parents of disabled children not receiving enough funding.

A Sacramento County spokesperson Laura McCasland says CPS is heavily monitored, for example, by the Sacramento County Children’s Coalition.

McCasland adds that CPS does not receive funding for removing a child from a home, ever.