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What if an armed gunman was spotted near your child’s school? Are you sure about what would happen inside?

“It makes me very upset,” said Kim Encizo, a yard monitor at Sacramento’s Mark Twain Elementary School.

Encizo is also a parent and grandparent, and she’s mad about what she says didn’t happen at her school Thursday.

That’s when there were sightings of a man carrying a rifle in his backpack near campus.

Those concerns were  called into the office at Mark Twain Elementary school.

“At that time, when the playground was full of children, there was an armed gunman in front of the school and staff did not let any of us know there was no lockdown. I’m a very concerned parent about this,” said Encizo.

So concerned she and several others brought their frustrations to the Sacramento City Unified School district at Thursday’s board meeting.

So how’s a school supposed to handle reports of a gunman?

“When there’s a credible account of a weapon we use all possible precautions and we always air on the side of caution. That’s district policy,” said Gabe Ross, SCUSD spokesman.

FOX40 went to ask Principal Rosario Guillen about the school’s response but after being told she was on campus, she was suddenly unavailable.

“In this particular circumstance clearly there was a communications breakdown at the school site. We are in the process of doing a full investigation to identify what happened, what needs to fixed and address it immediately,” said Ross.

Parents claim when they complained at the office, staff in essence told them guns were to be expected because of the poor area the school’s in.

FOX40 asked Ross if that was acceptable.

“Look, we have a number of schools in challenging neighborhoods. Our jobs as school leaders, as stewards of our communities is to keep kids safe in all of our neighborhoods,” Ross said.

Parents are waiting to see that job done.