September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Pastor Accused of Repeated Vandalism Against Former Girlfriend

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Mark Lewis, the pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Vacaville, is accused of asking three people to throw a Molotov cocktail into his ex-girlfriend’s parents’ home.

“And it landed right here and it was a Snapple bottle; it didn’t break, pretty sturdy, doused it out the best I could,” said Jerry Nottingham.

Six people were asleep in the home when the explosive device was launched through the bedroom window. Including Sarah Nottingham and her three children.

“Could have potentially killed my family and my children and just to know that somebody could be that dangerous is scary,” said Sarah Nottingham.

Nottingham says this attack happened because she ended a year-long relationship with Lewis when naked pictures of the pastor started surfacing in the community. A former parishioner actually sent one to FOX40.

Nottingham says the moment she broke things off with Lewis, her family started getting death threats.

“I had a restraining order against him and it pretty much, I was warned that family was going to be targeted next,” said Sarah Nottingham.

mark lewis, pastor, vacaville, arson
Mark Lewis, pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Vacaville

The fire bomb through her parents’ window was the most violent attack against Nottingham, but definitely not the first. Vacaville Police say her car window was bashed-in on Christmas Day. A couple of days later, her and her sister-in-law’s car was hit.

“I don’t feel completely safe at this time either because of how he works with basically organized crime and has people do things for him,” said Nottingham.

Lewis is charged with arson on an inhabited dwelling, conspiracy and stalking. The three accomplices he allegedly got to help him, Anthony Wright, Kristen Broyles and Richard Wright, were also arrested fleeing the scene.

Pastor Among 4 Arrested for Molotov Cocktail Attack

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