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TRACY, Calif. (KTXL) – Residents of Tracy’s private Redbridge community said dozens of peahens and peacocks have taken over their neighborhood. 

“There’s really no way to get them to go out of the neighborhood. But I mean, it’s just to get them off of your porch, off of your roof,” said homeowner Terina Lacey. “They will definitely make a home of your home.”

Neighbors said while the birds are beautiful, they will congregate in their yards and on their roofs, adding that they’re noisy, dirty and territorial.

The peafowl aren’t new to the neighborhood but as they continue to multiply so do the problems they leave behind. 

“They do cause property damage,” explained Tracy Animal Services Supervisor Brittany Pasquale. “They do jump on top of roofs, you know, defecation and feces can be an issue as well, as scratching vehicles because they do walk on vehicles. “

Pasquale said the peafowl problem used to be contained to just the Redbridge area but they’ve since moved into city limits.

“Causing more issues, especially being next to a school, it does cause traffic hazard and issues of that when kids are being dropped off,” Pasquale told FOX40.

Now, the Redbridge Homeowners Association is in contract talks with the city to spend at least $30,000 to trap and relocate the birds. 

“It may sound like you know we’re being petty, but to be in the midst of it, it is not a petty issue,” Lacey said.

Some neighbors who spoke to FOX40 off-camera said they don’t mind the birds and believe the money going toward relocation could be put to better use.